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Setup iBlogger iPhone Application

Setting up iBlogger

Following steps describe, how to setup iBlogger Applet to connect with your Umbraco V4 weblog.
Before you can start, go to the AppStore and buy the iBlogger from illumineX inc. While writing this documentation the applet has version 1.0.7 and costs only 0.79 € from Germany iTunes account.
  • Download and install the Applet on your iPhone or iPod Touch and start it (fig. 2.1). You get a list of all your blog accounts you have registered.
  • Press + button top right to add a new account (fig. 2.2). Now you have to select the blog engine type. Umbraco V4 works fine with the Other MetaWeblog system type, so select this option.
  • Next dialog is to setup, where your weblog is located (fig. 2.3). Enter the URL of your blog (this is the website where you have added the MetaWebLog API keys while channel setup). Press Next to start auto discover of your blog channel (fig. 2.4).
Start iBlogger applet Add new account Enter your Blog URL
fig 2.1: Start iBlogger applet
fig 2.2: Add new account
fig 2.3: Enter your Blog URL
  • If everything goes ok, iBlogger finds your channel and shows up the next dialog to enter your Username and Password (fig. 2.5). This is the user you have assigned the channel while channel setup before. Press Add Account to finish iBlogger setup.
  • The new account is now listed in your iBlogger blog accounts (fig. 2.6).
Auto discover blog channel Enter username and password Your new weblog account
fig 2.4: Auto discover blog channel
fig 2.5: Enter username and password
fig 2.6: Your new weblog account

Say Hello from iPhone

After successful setup your Umbraco blog account, what are you waiting for to write your first mobile blog post? Let's start and say hello from iPhone. These are the steps to do so:
  • Open your new blog account in the blog list (fig. 2.6). iBlogger starts communication with your blog and lists the last published posts of your website (fig. 2.7).
  • Press + button top right to add a new blog post. You get the blog post edit dialog, shown in fig. 2.8. Here you can enter the post title, add photos and snapshots, insert a geo tag of your current location, attach a web link and by pressing the Edit button, enter some text to make your blog readers happy.
  • When you finished editing press the Publish button top right to upload your post to the weblog. This may take some seconds, at the end you get a confirmation about your post is published (fig. 2.9).
List of recent posts Edit a new post Post successful published
fig 2.7: List of recent posts
fig 2.8: Edit a new post
fig 2.9: Post successful published
  • Press the OK button in the confirmation dialog. This will bring you back to the list of last published posts on your website. Your new post will be listed at the top (fig. 2.10).
  • To visit your weblog press button View in Safari. Now iBlogger will be closed and transfer goes to your Safari browser, which opens up the website URL you have entered while weblog account setup (fig. 2.11).
Updated recent posts list Blog view with Safari browser
fig 2.10: Updated recent posts list
fig 2.11: Blog view with Safari browser

Congratulation! Your wonderful mobile blog post is now visible at top position of your weblog to make you and your blog reader feel happy.

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